Michael Theophan Kinoian Lujan

I’m an artist based in Los Angeles, specializing in abstract digital art and photography. 

Apophatic Astronomy is both a way of seeing that which exists, and a way to describe that which exists, both seen and unseen. 

The visible universe is a call to action for our eyes and the consciousness behind them, deep calling out to deep.  

The invisible universe, the universe within, is a call to action for our hands to render it visibly and make it a part of the visible universe.  

My art is an aspiration to compel and inhabit wonder. Wonder is the prime motivation for all children, priests, scientists and artists.  

Apophatic Astronomy represents eight distinct bodies of work, with a ninth still gestating:

  • Abstracts
  • Phototapestries
  • Places & Scenes
  • Nature Unveiled
  • Broken Symmetries
  • Photomanipulations
  • Science Fiction Romances 
  • Rose Windows (coming soon)

My published work may be seen in its entirety at the link above, and consists of eight distinct bodies of work, spanning from 2005 until the present day. For print and exhibition inquiries, please contact me directly.